Short Films

Don't You Love Me?

Domestic violence doesn't start - or end - the way you expect!

Official selection:
Ft. Worth Indie Film Showcase

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The Littles

A short film about a very different kind of open marriage

Couples fight. But what happens when your spouse has more parts than you expect?

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What happens when your ribs are so good it convinces you (but not your wife) that you should open a Rib stand?

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Military deployments, war, traumatic violence have an effect more than just on the survivor. Veterans suffer the most, but so do their families. This look at the family impact of multiple deployments and the changed relationship with their family member highlights the difficulties returning veterans face.

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The Reception

When a small town overgrown adolescent woman gets dragged to yet another wedding she doesn't want to attend... hilarity ensues!

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Mom's plot to connect their newly single adult children who do not expect the dinner date they got.

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