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My childhood appeared normal.  Well, at least, I thought so.  I'm sure there were plenty of people who stood in judgement of my hip parents. My mother was quite young when she started having children, 16 to be exact. She was ill prepared to manage her new little family and was a divorce' at 22.  As a child growing up in this little family I thought we were normal.  But as a teen I started having problems, problems with boys, with drugs and alcohol and with relationships in general. Experiencing periodic bouts of depression and binge drinking I thought I was like everyone else. Two marriages later I knew something was wrong.  

My fourth child, a son, died of Sudden Infant Death in 1987.  That's what triggered me to discover what was underneath my chaotic life.

In the spring of 1987, I returned to school and entered my own therapy.  My marriage didn't survive all those events, but I began my path of discovering the secrets to what drives the dysfunctions in our relationships.  I was single for 6 years, not really dating much, until I met my husband in 1998.  We were married the following year.  Fortunately for both of us, I discovered the Cycles of the Heart model just before marrying.  

Our five children and our mutual families and friends didn't put much faith in our actually making it as a couple.  But 10 years later we are like newlyweds.  We have the secret.  

NEW: I now provide Emotional Transformation Therapytm  or ETTtm  a remarkable new approach to transforming emotional and somatic problems in relatively painlessly and rapidly. 


Melody was raised in the wings of a theatre as her mother directed plays for the local high school. Writing and acting out plays with her brother and sister since elementary school became the platform for Melodys lter work. She went on to study Acting and Directing at the University of Oklahoma, then moving do Dallas in 1976 and graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas. Melody went on to film, television, commercial, voice over and industrial work. 

During her child-raising years Melody went back graduate school at theTexas Womans University. She is now a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. After practicing almost 20 years, she came up with a model for understanding human relationships and wrote the books, Cycles of the Heart: A way out of the egocentrism of everyday life, Oh, WOW This changes everything , The Landmines to Goldmines Play book for couples and The Oh WOW Healing Guide. Melody began speaking and presenting on her unique model in 2003 and is now a highly sought after motivational speaker.

Returning to film work in 2005, Melody is represented by Landrum Arts, LA and The Linicomn Agency. She is currently writing while developing shorts and feature films for production and maintaining a small private counseling practice. 

Husband, Mike Henricks, is her partner and co-writer. 

She is a 20 plus year veteran therapist, author, and actor. Mike is a master programmer and creative genius whose wit drives the humor in THATS NOT HOW ITS DONE, our first feature screenplay. Together we have raised 5 amazing kids who are creative, happy and productive in the world in spite of the problems they had in the system.

Since writing THATS NOT HOW ITS DONE, they have developed multiple other projects to address other emotionally charged issues that are often overlooked in mainstream movie making.


Telling stories that change lives.

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