Written and directed by Mike an Melody

Interruptus follows the relationships of five couples that regularly meet to play bunco. This innocent little game provides the backdrop for passion, lust, lies, and love.

Interruptus explores how relationships work... and don’t... in a “normal” suburban American city. Five couples with sexual, emotional and relationship issues that are common to any neighborhood. Yet how they resolve them - or don’t - surprises and amuses even the most bored internet peruser.

It’s a short course in how to look at your relationship in a new light and maybe, just maybe, awaken the desire for a deeper, more meaningful connection of your own. Call it “marriage therapy”, call it “entertainment”, call it “soft porn”... call it what you will, it will change you!

Kathryn Franco
as Monique

Kathryn is a gifted actor, singer and dancer whose work includes a variety of television, film, commercial and stage work. Kathryn has studied extensively with Theresa Bell in Dallas and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently represented by the Linicomn Agency.

Elizabeth Parker
as Sara

Elizabeth is new to film, but not to acting. She has a long history of theatrical work across North Texas. She is also a dancer and a singer! Elizabeth graduated from Texas Wesleyan University.

Denton Everett
as Cameron

Denton is a local legend. His work in films like Rockabilly Baby have made a name for him. WIth multiple staring roles in over a dozen films, guest staring roles in G.C.B. Lone Star, and Prison Break, Denton is one of the top 5 up and coming Texas actors. Denton is currently represented by Linda McAlister Talent

Shane Land
as Johnathan

Shane was a perfect fit for our Johnathan, as he is a personal trainer! With multiple staring roles in nearly two dozen films, along with variety of television, industrial and commercial roles, he, too, is one of Texas’ up and coming film actors. Shane has studied extensively with Theresa Bell and is currently seeking representation.

Dan Servetnick
as Richard

Dan is a multi-talented actor, singer and stage director whose impressive theatrical resume includes more than a dozen staring roles. His film, commercial and television work is growing and he will be one to watch out for! He is currently represented by Heyman Talent.

Marcus Weems
as Carl

Marcus is a brilliant actor, singer and dancer whose film career is growing and his extensive theatrical resume is daunting! Marcus has studied with many of the Dallas area greats including Teresa Bell and is currently represented by the Lincomn Agency.

Vanessa Lua
as Patti

Jacques Buckingham
as George