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Energetic, fun, playful, effervescent & creative    
Melody's years of experience as an entertainer, trainer, and counselor combine to give your group the best of both worlds. You get fun along with the practical tools to move your group toward lasting change. Her dynamic talks transform lives.

I Can't Believe I Said That!

Conflict Management
When we get hooked into emotional conflicts, we all get a little crazy.  Yes, even you. We say things we wish we had not and we do not know why.  We are all profoundly lost when it comes to battles with our mates that involve our emotions.  Learning communication skills does not fix it, by itself.  Changing the paradigm you use to understand what is going on  does!  Melody Brooke's unique experience has given her an understanding of why we do and say what we do even when we do not mean to!  Rock your world.  See your life and relationships in an entirely new way! 

The Play Date
Stress Management
Every one of us has been raised to think that work is not supposed to be fun. Yet statistics show that when we learn to incorporate fun into the workplace employee retention and productivity improves.  Melody's lighthearted talk connects you with your funny bone and inner child while educating about the need for play in the workplace, and in your life. 

The Power Game
Ethics Management
Power is not the enemy. It's the game changer.  Yet most of us have major issues with power and struggle to accept it from ourselves, and fear others who have it. It affects our ethical choices and our relationship with ourselves and others.  Melody's passionate talk inspires you to let go of fear and step into your own power.

Other Soft Skill Topics
 - Resiliency
 - Emotional Intelligence
 - Motivation
 - Team Building
 - Communication

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