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Melody Brooke & Mike Henricks
Team Speakers/Directors

Fabulous, funny, entertaining, & transformative

Our parents didn’t have a clue how to relate with each other, they were no models for us. We are  happily married now, but we've both been divorced.  Luckily, we have figured out some important things about how and why we relate with others and ourselves the way we do.  And as a result, all 5 of our kids are happy and “well adjusted” and our marriage is thriving.

Sex and the Brain
        Using music, stories and graphics to drive their message, Mike and Melody challenge how you think about your past, your relationships and the world.  Intimacy starts with what happens in our brain. When our brain does what it is designed to do... it stops us from having intimacy and the great sex we all want and deserve.  We stop ourselves from being what we want to be and having what we want to have in our relationships before we even know what we are doing. This dynamic and engrossing talk will make you re-think all you think you know!

“You two are fabulous. The talk dealt with a deep and serious subject matter, but you presented it in a way that was “not so scary” and very light hearted."
                                                                     Angie, Dallas, TX

“I know the focus is on sexual intimacy, but it’s so much bigger than that... And, to be honest, trying to limit the content to focus on sex can be scary. To me, its about ‘true intimacy’”
                                                                    Jennifer Hunt of    

Mike and Melody team direct narrative short and feature films.  Melody's experience working with talent, and Mike's technological background (and artistic gifts) provide the perfect team for film making.  

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