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Having grown up in the wings of a theatre, Melody's passion for drama started early. Creating scripts for her and her siblings to perform for her family since she was 10, a sense of story grew along with her. 

Melody stared in a variety of stage productions prior to graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas and going on to develop her film and commercial career.

Creating films using his powerful vision of beauty, intimacy and connection. Mike has deep sense of what feels right and an keen eye for image, and story. 

Mike is the co-writer of our screenplays and has an eye for detail and a systematic understanding of story and character.  His wit and sense of authenticity add freshness and sincerity to his work.

SHORT FILMS:  Films from 1 to 60 minutes can be created on a shoe string budget to highlight your skills as an actor or screenwriter, or to promote your product or services.  Rates vary depending on your schedule, length of the production, number of locations, special effects and size of cast.

PRODUCER: Melody produced three episodes of The Janee Show seen on ABC affiliate Chanel 8 in North Texas.  She can pull together crews, scripts, and sources to make your reality show, drama, comedy or talk show work for you and to help you build the audience you need. 

EDITING: Whether you are editing a feature film, a reality show, or a demo reel you need someone with an eye for story, character and emotion.  Mike and Melody work together to pull your piece into a powerful representation of your story or product. 

SCREENWRITING: Your next project is merely an idea away.  Have a brilliant idea for a story? We can turn it into something powerful, fun, exciting, dramatic or suspenseful.  Whatever your story is, we can create a screenplay to bring it to life.

Email me to discuss your next project.

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